Managing Director Profile

Hello,   I am Andrew Czopiw and Managing Director of CZWORKS LTD.

Here, I can only  touch on the 30 years plus of technical experience I have gained during my career.

Serving as an apprentice for five years in electrical and electronic engineering. The company that I worked for saw me excel at digital technology.   Thereafter I went on to work in the design & development department for a further eight years designing microprocessor based products.

From there I joined a large design consultancy and I worked  on innovative and complex projects in the UK and European cities for companies such as Shell Research, British Nuclear Fuels, Gate Gourmet and the European Commission.

Eventually returning back to the UK, I project managed the integration of the companies IT systems as technical lead. We integrated and managing 600+ CAD workstations and 20+ servers 24/7 across six UK and four European sites as a single virtual organisation.

The design consultancy worked on major projects for large multinational organisations including  BAe Systems and British Nuclear Fuels and  I was responsible for managing the integration of our computer network with our clients via high speed leased lines and firewall technology.

In 2003 I established CZWORKS LTD. Drawing on many years of technical expertise working on large scale projects I can offer our clients expert consultancy and up to the minute innovations.

Could I be of assistance to your business ?

I offer you a no obligation free hour of consultancy and look forward to meeting you.